10 Proven Strategies To Increase Sales

So many people ask me, “Yogesh, how can I increase my sales? What can I do to sell more?”

Here I’ll share some of my most powerful and proven strategies that bring in immediate results.  

I have always loved selling and I truly believe selling has immense power. It really changed my life forever. It doesn’t matter whether you are an employee or entrepreneur, no matter how big or small your company is – sales is what drives business growth and success.

The richest people on the planet, the most successful movie stars, Presidents, Prime Ministers, World Leaders, CEOs and leaders in every field understand the pshycology of sales and use it to succeed on a daily basis.  

Sales is for anyone and everyone who wants to promote their idea and way of thinking. In fact the most successful people have gone on to master the psychology of sales and persuasion.

Go ahead and take action on these strategies, and experience the results for yourself.

1. Implement Your Very Own S.A.L.E.S™ Strategy

The S.A.L.E.S. ™ Strategy has always worked for me and countless other people who have implemented it.

It basically stands for Smile And Love Everyone Sincerely – S.A.L.E.S™

If you were to change your attitude from simply wanting to sell a product or service, to thinking about the best interest of your customer. If you were to ask yourself, “What can I do to truly add value to their life?

If you were to truly love your customer like a friend or family member, you will treat them differently and this true and genuine desire to be of help will lead to increased sales and business.

This creates trust and your customers truly start liking you. People love doing business with people they trust and like.

Plus, the more value you add, the more value you get. Think about your own experiences, have you bought products and services over the long term from people who you trust and like?

2. Master Human Psychology – Master Sales

People never buy a product or service, what they buy are emotions and desires connected to that product or service.

Before you sell, understand what your customer wants. Understand their psychology and learn about their needs and desires.

Once you are able to understand what the deepest desires and emotions of your customers are, you simply need to let them know that your product or service can satisfy those needs.

3. What Problem Do You Solve? Successful Sales People Always Solve Problems.

The most successful people at sales, solve problems.

I’ll give you an example from my own life. Once, a mid-sized developer who was suffering from low sales approached me. The developer had salaries to pay and had operation costs, and also had taken debts from financial institutions. This was his big problem.

He had heard about my expertise, and approached me and requested me to come on board and help him out. Before accepting him as a client, I analyzed his situation and only when I felt I could add value that I accepted him on board.

We shared sales and business strategies, which he and his team implemented. Due to this he was able to increase his sales and grow his business.

Simply by solving his problem, he became a long term client.

4. Add Fuel To The Power of Word Of Mouth Phenomenon

Once, you start using the S.A.L.E.S™ Strategy and start solving problems, your existing clients will start enjoying your products and services. Once this happens, make sure you encourage them to speak about your product and service. Encourage them to share reviews and ask for recommendations.

A simple way to do it, especially if you know they are satisfied, is to simply ask “So, how did you like my (product/service)?”

They might answer something like, “It’s great. We loved it.” or “Thanks a lot! You were great!”

You now need to add some fuel, “I am so happy to know that. Can you write me a recommendation letter and also write it on LinkedIn/Google(social media)?”

Usually, this is what they will reply – “Oh yes, surely!”

5. Ask For Recommendations and Referrals  From Satisfied Customers

Here you continue the above conversation and ask for a recommendation.

Now, you want to use the power of their good mood to increase your sales, so “And in addition to that, would you like to recommend a few of your friends who can benefit from my (product/service)?”

Usually, when you ask for a recommendations and referrals from a satisfied client, you will get it. This simple strategy will expose you to a multiple number of customers who already know someone who has had a positive experience with you.

6. Have Fans – Not Customers

Have you seen how people wait in lines to buy a few products? No matter what the price is?

Have you seen how passionately a few people will defend someone they love? Maybe it is a service or product or person?

I have always believed the most successful sales strategy is to not have customers, but have super passionate fans. I am personally blessed to be in that situation and thank all our fans for making it possible. You can get a sneak peak into it by watching this video –

But how do you get fans? The best way to have fans is to be super honest and passionate about providing them with a mind-blowing experience. Give them things nobody else has given them.

So let’s say your customers expect a money back guarantee for your product or service. What if you gave them something even more? What if you told them, in the highly unlikely case that you don’t like my product or service, I won’t just give you a money back guarantee, I’ll also give you a free holiday or a free dinner for you to enjoy with your family, just to make you smile?

Most people won’t do such things, and that’s why most people don’t have passionate fans who drive their business to success!

7. Secret Sauce For Sales Success: Give More Than You Take 

If you want to succeed at not just sales, but even life, follow this principle!

It’s the ultimate principle for success. The more you give, the more you succeed. It’s the basic law of Karma and applicable all over the Universe.

So let’s say you want to charge, $1 Million dollars for your service. The best way to do it, is add value of at least $10 Million for your client. So let’s say you product or service helps your client make an additional profit of at least $10 Million or save at least $10 Million, you will easily get your $1 Million.

And if you want to make it more attractive, give your client a profit of $100 Million!

8. Stop Competing and Start Dominating

Domination is much better than competition. I love dominating my industry, instead of competing. I love using my time and resources to see how best I can revolutionize the life of my customers fans!

I tell everyone to stop competing with others. Many businesses keep looking at what others are doing – stop doing that and instead, start innovating on your own! The most successful people and companies invent their own industries and sectors.

Right from the time the Wright Brothers invented planes to Google, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple – all innovated and started dominating their industry. They don’t look at what competitors are doing, instead looking at taking things to the next level on their own.

9. Use The Power of Stories 

The biggest brands and successes, don’t sell products or services – they sell stories. So when you buy a Rolex or a Mercedes Benz, you are buying a beautiful story. A story that you are successful and wealthy. A story that that you can afford the best and deserve to buy something exclusive and special.

On the other hand, if you buy a Toyota, you are buying a story that you are smart and practical. You believe in convenience, reliability and low maintenance. You want value for money.

Every brand, product and person has a story. People buy stories. What’s your story? How are you sharing your story with people?

10. Massive Action and Continuous Training

All the strategies are great – but the biggest strategy for sales success is to take action. Only when you take action will you see results.

The above strategies have helped people increase their sales from anywhere from 30% to 300%, only when they took action on them.

Go ahead and take immediate action and keep training yourself to upgrade your own knowledge and skills. The more you train, the better you get!

Oh, and do let me know how much your sales increased!

Best of luck!

Yogesh Chabria


“The best way to sell is to truly love the person you are selling to and have their best interest in mind.”

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