Yogesh’s Journey From Selling Toys To Spreading Joy 

I was born in a middle class family in Bombay and often heard from my grandparents how they had to abandon their lives and homes in Sindh at the time of partition and flee to India carrying nothing more than a few belongings. As refugees, they had few resources other than grit, determination and the drive to build a new life for themselves. When I was a little boy, we couldn’t even afford to take the auto rickshaw and had to be very careful about how we spent money. However this made me extremely creative and proactive. Since, I didn’t have anything to lose, I had absolutely no fear.

My family used to bring clothes and electronics from trips to Singapore and Dubai to sell in India, as India was a closed economy with a very limited access to world-class products. When I was five years old, I started selling imported toys to all my friends. But before selling the toys, I always made sure I played with the remote controlled cars and talking dogs to ensure they were in great working condition. I even charged my friends a premium for testing their toys for them! At school I sold comics, shoes, clothes, caps and everything else imaginable as I realized it was the best way for me to work, use my creativity and grow with unlimited potential. At the same time, I believed in and loved everything I sold. 

At the age of 12, I started the Indian Lemonade Company where I not only sold lemonade, I also floated my first IPO and raised money from students and also gave them excellent returns on what was invested. Since then, the world of business has been a passion and something I enjoy. At the age of 16, I started investing with a little over $ 10 and went on to benefit immensely by investing in the right assets. I now share some of the most important things I have learned to help people succeed in the world of business, finance and life. You can learn not only from my successes, but also from my mistakes and temporary failures – like starting a solar energy company almost two decades before the world was ready for it. I believe everyone should live a life where they are not simply financially wealthy, but wealthy in every possible way. All the money in the world won’t make you happy if you aren’t mentally at peace, physically healthy and don’t have loving relations with your friends and family. Learning and success is all about being happy, joyful and being truly at bliss with who you are. This is my passion and I welcome you to this journey with me.

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