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Happionaire's® Sales Mastery Systems™

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The ultimate program to implement directly from Yogesh Chabria the most powerful sales systems, strategies and techniques to grow your influence, sales and income. 

This is what you need to really scale up to the next level. 

You will learn and master the skills needed to communicate, persuade and sell like a master. 

30 Power Packed Modules With Lifetime Access 

Per user fee. 

Unlimited Access 

100% Support. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

100% Risk Free. 

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**Important Product Usage Instructions: 

1. After buying Happionaire's Sales Mastery Systems, You will get an order confirmation mail. Now, you will need to create a course login account here.
2. After you create an account and verify your E-mail, You can access your course by logging in at Course Login.
3. Once you are logged in, You will see Happionaire's Sales Mastery Systems listed there. Click view online and access the course materials.



Course Modules

  1. Goals, Role Models, Mindset and Beliefs 


  1. Increasing The Pain To Sell, How Krishna Sold To Arjuna & The Emotions Buying Process 


  1. Rapport - How To Connect With People, Build It And Use It To Sell 


  1. You Don't Need Everyone As Your Client - The WMD Triangle System – 


  1. Increasing The Number of Prospects & Customers and Create Demand 


  1. How To Use Collaboration To Increase Prospects & Sales 


  1. Questions & Answers - How To Get Started? Learning From Samosas & Paani Puri and More. 


  1. Don't Be The Cheapest - How To Implement It & Benefit  (How To Increase Your Prices And Sell More!)


  1. Always Go For The Big Fish - How To Do It


  1. A Tool That Can Be Used As A Great Friend Or Asset To Grow (or worst enemy if you don't use it the right way!) 


  1. Show Up & Follow Up - Innovations To Implement 


  1. Handling Objections & Winning Over Them  - What To Do When Someone Tells You “No”?


  1. Scaling Up : Pricing Strategies - Getting It Right!


  1. Mastering Negotiations To Grow     


  1. Clone Your Best Customers - Multiply Your Best Customers - Referral System


  1. Give More Than You Take


  1. Competition -How Do You Look At Your Competition? How Can You Benefit From Them?


  1. The Sales Funnel System & How To Implement It In Any Business!


  1. After-Sales Service -Using It To Grow Further, Faster and Easier!


  1. PR -Public Relations And How You Can Use It's Power To Out Compete Others!


  1. Q&A - How To Adapt To Changing Technologies In Sales? And More..


  1. Persistence In Selling And Success – How To Build It Up?


  1. Investing In Marketing - The Smart Way!


  1. The World's Greatest Salesperson and What A Violinist Can Teach You About Sales


  1. The Power Of Stories And Why You Should Start Telling Them


  1. Time - Succeeding At Life, Business and Sales – Doing A Lot More Now!


  1. A Strategy That Is Not For Everyone : Reverse Selling


  1. Q&A - Multi-Tasking, Breaking Patterns And More


  1. Processes And Systems - Automating Habits


  1. Not A Goodbye, But See You Soon : Why Each Area Of Your Life Is Connected


 Use Code - "SurpriseMe"