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Recently someone became a part of our coaching program. Her biggest complaint was that, she was feeling lost and empty. She wasn't happy and was confused about what to do.

She wanted some guidance from me.

Overtime I have seen more and people feeling this way. And the fact is as people have become wealthier and materially more successful, this feeling has increased.

More people today feel they aren't happy. More people today feel they want something more out of their life.

And the biggest reason is, till they were chasing something, they still had hope. They thought the moment they became the CEO or a famous movie star or completed their MBA or got a good job or got married or bought a new house or a new car or traveled to a new destination, they will feel happy.

They linked their happiness to a future event. That is why they had hope.

But suddenly, those events started becoming true. They achieved their goals, and suddenly they realized that what they thought would make them happy and complete, wasn't really doing anything for them.

Let us say you have never eaten a chocolate cake in a Five Star Hotel and you have heard stories about how great it is, you fantasize about it. You think it is amazing.

But suddenly, your work demands you to visit Five Star hotels everyday. Very soon the chocolate cake has no fascination for you.

In fact now you start desiring simple home cooked food. Home cooked food, which you always had was good enough.

In today's world we have the maximum amount of material success. Never before was there a time in history where so many people didn't have to really worry about getting food or energy. Where daily survival was no longer a struggle.

If you are reading this, you are fortunate. You have access to many things which your ancestors didn't.

When you have to struggle for your daily meals, you don't have time to feel empty or sad. You are in survival mode and need to hunt or gather your food.

But the moment you have food, you have shelter, you have clothes, you have cars, your have phones, now you have free time.

And in this free time, you start asking deeper questions. You start wondering, is this all there is to your life? Shouldn't I be doing something more?

And this questioning is good. Because till you don't question, how will you get answers? Anyone who tells you questions are bad, doesn't want you to think for yourself. Questions are always good, because they will take you on a new adventure.

But the adventure that you truly need to take is an adventure within yourself.

All answers lie within you. Nobody on the outside can truly give you an answer, all they can do is maybe guide you or assist you. In the end the answer has to come from within you. Nobody can put in the work. Nobody can do it for you.

Think of it this way, let us say you have lots of gold, hundreds of kilos of gold. But it is locked and kept in a locker. And now you have forgotten about the locker.

You got tied up with many other things and you forgot about it and after a few years you complain that you don't have any money.

But all that needs to happen is for you to find someone to remind you of the locker. Once you remember about the locker, you will start thinking about the key. You will start searching for the key at home and then you will find it.

Whenever you truly search for something, you will get the key to it.

So you search and search and then you find the key. Then all you need to do is go to the bank and unlock this locker and access the gold which was already yours.

It isn't someone else's gold.

That is how bliss is too. Your natural state is that of bliss. It is just that you have forgotten about it.

You have been misguided to believe that your natural state is to suffer. You have been brainwashed into believing that your life is miserable and you will never be happy. It isn't. It is to be full blissful.

That's why they say "Sat-Chit-Ananda" - Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.

That is your true nature.

Look at a small baby and hear a baby laugh. You will experience this bliss. The laughter of a baby is so pure so filled with bliss.

You were a baby too onetime, you had the same laughter. You just forgot about it.

You just need to be reminded of it.

You have immense treasure within you, you just need to be reminded and find that key once again.

Go ahead an discover this inner joy.

Life is so beautiful. Life is so filled with joy.

Start enjoying it's nectar.

Lots of love,

Yogesh Chabria


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