What Is Spirituality?

Many times, I am asked, what really is spirituality.

Does it mean to leave everything and go and live in the Himalayas? Or does it mean, to give up material wealth and live in poverty? Do I need to practice mediation all the time? Isn’t spirituality only something for the old?

Questions are beautiful, because they let us know what we are truly longing for. Till we don’t ask a question, how can we expect to get answers?

But to truly understand spirituality, you need to stop asking questions and open yourself up to experiencing it.

You can ask several questions about how it feels to swim or how does the ocean breeze feel, or how does it feel to listen to the chirping of birds in the fresh mountain air or how does it feel to love someone passionately. But the only way you can understand it, is to stop asking questions and go ahead and experience it.

Go ahead, and swim, go ahead and visit the ocean and feel the breeze, go ahead and climb mountains and experience the fresh air and the chirping of birds, go ahead and love passionately.

You can only understand it, when you experience it. And each person’s experience is truly unique. No two people will experience the same thing in the same way.

It’s the same with spirituality – no two people will have the same experience. Each person will have a truly unique and different experience.

For me spirituality is very simple. It means leading a life where I give my best to everything I do. It means enjoying everything that has been created by the Universal force. It means living without fear or guilt and simply accepting myself as a part of this magnificent Universe. It means accepting I deserve the best, I deserve, health, love, happiness, wealth, peace and bliss.

It means accepting I am divine in every possible way. It means to enjoy, laugh and live life to the fullest by having unique experiences.

Once you start accepting this, you will start being able to connect with the higher force that you are a part of.

You are special and you are not a sinner. You have nothing to fear or be guilty about. You have nothing to be ashamed about.

Many people in the past have created feelings of guilt in people in the name of orthodox religion or values. They have told people that they are sinners and should be ashamed of their bodies, behavior and for being happy.

They have criticized wealth and glorified poverty.  They have criticized love and promoted abstinence. These people have told the world that spirituality means living in poverty and giving up material wealth.

They have said this because they want to control people. It’s easy to control people if they are poor and desperate. It is easy to make poor people go to war and riot.

Wealth is a basic part of human existence. Without wealth nothing is possible. You can’t travel, you can’t read, you can’t learn, you can’t eat food, you can’t experience life without wealth. Without wealth, you can’t invest in research, you can’t build schools and Universities, you can’t create new technologies that change humanity.

You can’t encourage people to think freely, if they are poor and desperate for food and shelter.

That is why, since ancient times, Hindus, have worshiped and celebrated Goddess Lakshmi.

True spirituality doesn’t mean giving up everything, instead it means accepting that whatever is present is there for us to experience and enjoy. Life is a celebration and not a burden.

We are on this planet for a limited time, let’s make the most of it. Let’s give whatever we do your best – at work, in our relationships, to our body, to our health. And at the same time, don’t worry about the results.

If you have had an awesome work out, don’t worry about how much weight you will lose. If you have given your best at work or in your business, don’t worry about how much profits you will make out of it.

Experience spirituality in everything you do. Every single thing can be a wonderful spiritual experience.

Everything can help you reach a higher state of bliss.

And leading a life of balance is very important. Every day, take some time out for yourself. In the midst of social media, mass media and constant messaging, email and noise, you can lose touch to your deeper inner self.

For this, I regularly practice meditation. I shared one very simple and easy meditation technique in Succeed The Happionaire Way that everyone can practice. It’s a beautiful way to become calmer and connect on a deeper level.

In fact meditation has helped me and several others come up with creative ideas and new strategies that have helped in daily life.

Leading a spiritual life goes hand in hand with leading a healthy, happy and balanced life. Schools and offices should encourage everyone to practice daily meditation and discover their inner brilliance.

Offices where people practice mediation have much less conflict and attrition. People are more creative and able to perform more productively.

Children who meditate are more balanced and can face challenges better. They are able to learn much faster and understand new concepts better. I started mediating consciously when I was 14 and it had an amazing impact on my life.

The way the world is changing, whatever is being taught to students at school today, would be obsolete and outdated in the next 20 years.

We are looking at a future where new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are going to wipe out traditional jobs. In such a new world, the biggest asset humanity can have is the ability to connect with their own higher intelligence and think creatively.

This is why meditation and spirituality have become even more important in today’s world. The most successful people will be those who can integrate spirituality with their day to day life to live a life of happiness and bliss.

Yogesh Chabria

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