The Power of Concentration

I am blessed to meet people of all age groups from diverse backgrounds all over the world. And this is a challenge most people face today. Most people are unable to concentrate. They have very poor attention spans and are distracted easily.

Think about it and you might also be suffering from this. This creates lots of issues because if you are distracted easily you can’t focus on what you truly want to do. You are constantly looking to be distracted and entertained.

So for instance instead of working on what you need to do, you end up browsing social media or watching a show or playing a video game. And as you do this, gradually you ability to focus keeps reducing. And as this happens you minds gets completely out of control.

It is buzzing with thoughts, but all the thoughts are scrambled. There is no clarity and everything becomes mucky.

On the other hand if you develop your power of concentration, you can learn and do so much more with your life. Besides that you also get this sense of inner calm and joy.

In ancient days in India, Yogis would go to the forests and simply sit and develop their power of concentration They didn’t have access to the internet of AI or ChatGPT. And yet they were able to tap into so much knowledge and power within.

There are many ways to develop your ability to concentrate. To start with, have a clear intention of what you want to do with your life. Till you don’t know what you want to do, you can’t focus or concentrate on anything.

For instance imagine you have a power car, with a powerful engine and lots of fuel. But till you don’t know where you want to go, the car will be either parked or driven around aimlessly.

So first is make a clear decision of what you want to focus on. And make this very clear. I shared about this in Succeed The Happionaire Way too.

Once you have complete clarity, you can start focusing on it and using techniques such as meditation and visualization to develop your concentration.

Also other activities such as music or swimming or marathon running, without anything else develop your ability to concentrate. This is because for extended durations of time you are doing a single thing without distractions.

I shared long back about how social media is a drug more dangerous than anything else. Today more and more people are realizing it. Disconnect from social media and you don’t need to be constantly glued into it.

Try completely going off it  as an experiment, it will make a huge difference to your life. You will see your ability to focus increase and you will feel less restless. Your stress will disappear and you will have time to do things that truly matter.

You need to disconnect, in order to connect with your deep inner self. Till you are connected to this external noise, you can’t listen to yourself.

Take care and stay blessed!

Yogesh Chabria


 P.S.: Am sharing a link to our guided meditation which has helped so many people increase their ability to concentrate. Enjoy the experience!