Pause. And Simply Thank Yourself.

As I write this, we are coming to the end of 2018.

Time is a beautiful gift, and we need to value it. Once it is gone, it will never come back. As the year ends, I want you to try doing something.

I’m assuming, every day you thank others. It’s always nice to thank people. But when was the time, that you thanked yourself?

When did you pause, close your eyes, and simply thank yourself? There is so much you can thank yourself for. Think about it.

Go ahead try it out, before reading further. Close your eyes, and thank yourself. Think about the year that went past. What were some of the best things you did? I’m sure you will find many things to be grateful for.

Start writing them down. Many times, people find it difficult to thank themselves. They think or have been taught it is arrogant to thank yourself.

It isn’t. Thanking yourself can be done in the most humble and loving way.

Thanking yourself is beautiful, because it makes you happier. It makes you healthier. It also helps you continue doing good things.

I just thanked myself for writing this. I also want to thank you, for reading this. For being a part of what we do and wish you lots of happiness, love, health and wealth.

In 2019, we are starting Ask Me – section. Go ahead, and ask any question you might have, and I’ll try to reply to it.

Have an amazing 2019!

Yogesh Chabria