Open Meditation™

Meditation is something that changed my entire life forever. My experiences with meditation started when I was 14.

And since then I have been practicing meditation.

At first, I was a skeptic. My rational mind was filled with doubts and questions. I thought meditation is something to be practiced only by the ‘old’ and ‘religious’ – not by a young guy wanting to enjoy the pleasures of life.

All my questions about meditation were in fact a deeper desire within me to search more, to find answers to some of the most important questions about life, existence, humanity, spirituality, our purpose.

And after practicing meditation and immersing myself deeper, I felt something very powerful. Many times people ask me, “Yogesh, how do you feel when you meditate?”

I can surely use the most beautiful words. They might sound wonderful to you too. You might even feel nice listening to my words.

But no words will do justice to the experience. It is like me telling you,

“Describe the feelings you felt the first time you fell in love with that special person and made love to them.”


“Describe the feeling of the sea breeze on a warm day on your face.”


“Describe the taste of your favorite food your mother used to cook for you when you were a child.”

You can describe all the above feelings in words, but they won’t even do 1% justice to the actual feeling.

That is what meditation is for me.

I also believe meditation is not for everyone. Earlier, I used to think everybody should practice meditation, just because I benefitted from it.

I was wrong.

Just because it helped me in all areas of my life, doesn’t mean it is for everyone.

Just because it helped me blissful, healthy, creative and fueled success in every form, doesn’t mean it is for everyone. Not everyone is ready for success or discovering all the gifts they have. Not everyone is ready to experience the love within and around them.

Everybody is not ready to meditate. In fact, most people aren’t. They are still at a very basic level. They need to go through a lot of things before they are ready. They need to feel the pain a little more to move up to the next level.

It is like telling a small child in kindergarten, who doesn’t know the alphabet yet to read great works of literature.

The child will start tearing the pages, because the child only understands books that have pictures and cartoons. The same way, these people need to be stimulated with visuals and videos from the outside.

This is why not everyone is ready to take a journey within.

Most people are not ready to meditate; they are in the kindergarten stage of life. Age has nothing to do with this. You could be 70, and still not be ready to meditate, you could be a teenager and ready for it.

When you are ready for it, you will automatically know. You will get a sign.

At the same time true meditation should not be based on religion. People who say meditation should be practiced only by Hindus or Buddhists are wrong.

It is like someone saying, the benefits of exercise can be felt only by people of a certain religion.

It is for anyone who is ready. A small 6 month old baby can’t practice marathon running, as she has to still learn to walk – but religion has nothing to do with it - being ready does.

That is why I developed the system of Open Meditation (OM)™which is in complete harmony with whatever faith you have and practice.

You could be of any race, culture, sex, religion or even be an atheist and still, if you are ready, benefit from OM™.

At times, when religion becomes divisive, where for thousands of years people have fought crusades just because they were of different religions, it becomes more important to practice something that unites humanity on a deeper level.

If someone was to show you a picture of me, and ask you – “What is this?” and you knew me, you would say – “Yogesh.”

If you didn’t know me, you would say, “That’s the face of a very good looking guy!” or you would simply say “Face.”

If you spoke some other language you might say, “Chehra,” or “Soorat” or “Visage” or “Gesicht” or “Litso” or “Viso” or Cara” and so on.

Now imagine, if all of us started arguing who is right. And we had conflicts on it. And we abused each other. And told our friends and family to avoid the ones who didn’t use our same words. And we fought crusades because of this. And we voted for politicians based on this. And we killed people because of this. Stupid, isn’t it?

Everyone is right in their own way. They just express it in the best way that connects to them.

The truths in life are all universal. The words we use, the tools we use, might be different, but in the end everything is the same.

OM™ unites all of this into one complete wholeness. Into a state where this is nothing.

Because only once there is nothing, it becomes truly vast and infinite. Nothing and everything are two sides of the same coin, without one, the other can’t exist.


Yogesh Chabria