Just Start Out

“I have always wanted to do it Yogesh, how do I do it? What is your suggestion? What should I do?”

I am asked that question over and over again, at seminars, during my personal mentor-ship sessions and almost every time I meet someone.

People from all walks of life ask me this questions, from people wanting to start out to CEOs wanting to start out something new.

The main challenge in today’s world isn’t a lack of information but an overload of information. People can access millions of hours worth of videos, articles and content on any subject. And that creates a challenge – they end up spending too much time doing just that.

Instead, what should be done is just start out. Take the plunge. Just do it. Because only once you start out will you start experiencing things.

I like to simplify everything, because once we simplify things it becomes super easy to execute.

I’ll share a few examples of this.

Around three years ago, I met a college student, during one of my seminars. He was studying engineering, and he was very confused in life. He wanted to start a business, but was afraid of doing so. He had read several books, watched several videos and still he didn’t feel sure.

I simply simplified things and told him a business just has two parts – 


  1. First is the Product or Service – What does your product or service do? What problem does it solve?
  2. Sales – How will you market and sell your product or service?

Find answers to the above two questions – and you will succeed.

I told him to stop overthinking and simply start out. Take action and proceed.

Today, his business is doing well and he was able to learn along the way. He made mistakes, he had failures, but he also learnt and got out of his head. He took the plunge and started out.

Of course as you start out, along the way it makes sense to upgrade your skills and learn. But don’t simply spend all your time learning, without doing anything.

Another person I had met, wanted a promotion at work. She believed she was ready to move up to the next level, but she was too afraid to ask.

All I told her to do, was go to her boss and offer to take on more responsibility. Offer to do the work for a month or two without a salary raise, and if her boss felt she was good – to offer her the promotion.

She did that, and she got the promotion. She was able to prove herself and got the promotion. Don’t be afraid to ask and start out.

The human mind has infinite potential. We can do a lot more than we think we can – all we need to do is put ourselves in situations where can act. Where we can take action. Where we have the ability to practice what we our learning. Where we are truly challenged in every way possible.

Every-time I learn something new, I get super excited to try it out.

Today, whatever you are doing. Whatever you have learnt. Whatever you have always thought of doing, just start out.

It’s beautiful and fun!

Best of luck and let me know how starting out works for you.

Yogesh Chabria

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