Don't Be Obedient


Yogesh Chabria Happionaire


When you you were a kid, you might have heard people telling you - "Be obedient." and "How it is very nice to be obedient." 

But is it really?

What would have happened if Gandhi was obedient? Would India have ever got independence from the British? Would it have been free from colonialism?

Or what about Prahlada, who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu, but his father was an Asura (a demon) who didn't want his son worshiping the Lord. He wanted him to follow the path of evil.

But Prahlada didn't obey his own father. He kept praying to the Lord. He kept following the path of light instead of darkness.

His own father threatened him and tried to break his faith in the Divine. And because Prahlada was not obedient to his father, Vishnu took the form (Avatar) of Narasimha and kills his demon father.

If your own father or mother is a criminal or scammer or maybe just doing things which aren't good, you don't have to obey them.

You can love them, but don't follow them.

The Happionaire Way is not about following me blindly, it is about discovering your own answers and path.

These days so many people get carried away by what they read or hear online - it is as if they obey everything blindly. Stop doing that.

Start using your own inner intelligence. Start tapping into it.

Deep within you, there is an infinite source of wisdom that will show you the path.

If you are confused, if you are facing a challenge, if you have doubts, simply looking within this infinite source of intelligence. You will get your own answers.

And start trusting yourself. Start trusting your own intuition and instincts.

Even an animal in the jungle, knows how to trust his instinct. So many humans these days have lost this ability, because they have given up their own independence to people on the outside.

They have become like robots living life mechanically and simply letting 'time pass'.

Life is precious, live every moment with joy and love. Laugh more and have the courage to stand up for what you believe in.

Read the story of Prahlada, even if you have read it, read it once again. You will realize the powerful message within it.

It is about standing up for what is right. It is about standing for what your Dharma is.

It is about standing up for Dharma, even if it is against your own father or family or friend.

Instead of blindly being obedient, use your own inner intelligence and do what is good.

Lots of courage to you,

Yogesh Chabria


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