Cry and Laugh

Have you ever heard a baby laugh? Have you heard a baby cry?

Both are so pure and from the heart. When a baby cries, it balls out. Expresses everything inside and then almost within no time starts laughing.

Both the ability to cry and to laugh is very important for each other. Without laughter there is no crying and without crying there is no laughter.

Yet, children are taught not to cry and not to laugh. Parents and schools tell children, don’t cry.

The same children are told, “Don’t laugh so loudly!” when they are laughing from their heart.

No wonder so many people grow up and end up having mental problems. They are sad, confused and filled with doubt and fear because their inner self has been restricted.

Society has forced all sorts of restrictions on you. And these restrictions have stifled life. It has stifled the creative force that wants to express itself. The river of life wants to flow freely.

It wants to cry, laugh, shot, scream, paint, write, speak, draw and live every moment.

Someone who doesn’t laugh and cry is dead. Because only the dead can’t express themselves.

Society wants people to be dead, because the dead are easy to control and manipulate. They become lifeless robots caught up in the mundane. With no ability to express, feel and be who they are meant to be, they run behind the external. Searching for validation from the outside.

Crying is very important because it releases whatever is inside. This could be pent up emotions, pain, hate, anger – anything. When you cry, you let it all out. After crying, you feel light, free and open. Try crying, you will feel its power and beauty.

Laughter increases health, vitality and is infectious. Laugh freely and feel its power. Don’t be too serious, because there is nothing to be serious about – everything will pass and nothing is permanent.

Wherever our Happionaire community members meet, we laugh and cry freely. Through this we are able to discover our inner voice. And once this voice is discovered, a beautiful creative force is unleashed.

This creative force guides you through everything. No matter what I do, whether I write, or speak or create a beautiful work of art, I am doing it in harmony with this creative force.

I am in a complete state of flow and feel immense joy in doing it. When I am doing something, nothing matters to me. I don’t care about how you will feel about it, you might hate me or love me. It doesn’t matter.

I simply do it, because it comes to me from within.

That is what everyone should do. Each one of you has been gifted with this creative flow. Different people might give it different names, but you know deep down what I mean.

Once you discover this everything becomes joy and pleasurable. Work is no longer a burden, but a beautiful creative journey. Something you relish. Something you desire to create. Your relationships become filled with laughter, jokes and joy. You do everything out of this purity. This feeling of lightness.

You might have felt these moments in your life. Moments where you have lost complete track of time, you have forgotten who you are, you have let go of your ego, you have let go of what people have thought about you, of all the judgments passed on you and you are simply lost in the moment.

You could be creating great music, cooking something beautiful, writing poetry, making love, practicing yoga, creating a wonderful invention or making a business presentation. It doesn’t matter, what matters is when you are doing it with purity from deep within.

You are being the same baby that used to cry and laugh freely. There is nobody who doesn’t have that baby within them. The baby gets lost because of external conditioning, but deep inside you are that baby.

That baby, that is filled with purity, love and a higher purpose. Discover that purpose, discover that voice, discover that lightness and you will feel something that can’t be described in words, no matter how great a writer I may or not be.

Every moment is new. Every moment is now. Enjoy it.

Yogesh Chabria