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Life can be a chore a burden or a celebration.

I see people who are constantly complaining about how tough things are. How everything is a struggle.

They complain about their husband, wife, kids, parents, boss, employees, customers, in-laws, friends – everything is a burden and a suffering to them.

They believe everything they do is their ‘duty’ and everything is a sacrifice. These people will never discover joy.

They will never discover their inner potential, because they are constantly stuck in misery.

Instead, what if you reprogrammed the way you looked at things? What if instead of everything being a struggle, you made it a celebration?

What if you started celebrating everything?

Now some of you might say, “Yogesh, how is that possible. That sounds stupid.”

It’s very simple. You have already done it in the past, but you have forgotten about it. You have forgotten your true self, your true nature.

I’ll share something from my own life.

When I was younger, I used to go door to doo to sell things. Some people were rude, some people banged the face on my door, some people abused me – but for me it still was a celebration. It was a game.

I simply kept going on, till I got what I wanted.

Even today, I reach out to people, not all accept me. And that’s fine. I still celebrate the process.

You can do this with everything.

If you start a new business, you will approach people, you will approach potential customers, you will approach employees, you will approach investors – not all will accept you.

Some will make fun of you. Some will insult you.

But that’s fine, you can celebrate the process. You can be grateful for them, for helping you enjoy this game.

Everything becomes a celebration this way.

You want to apply for a new job, you can use the same mindset. Not everyone will hire you, some people will be rude, some people will be arrogant – so what? You can still celebrate it.

And when you achieve you want, it is even sweeter. It is more pleasurable, because you had to use your mind, your intelligence, your creativity and persistence.

Nothing of value comes for free. Nothing of value comes without using your in built powers.

Even in the jungle, the lion has to use his creativity, his energy, team work to hunt for deer. That’s why the lion in the jungle is so filled with life.

The lion in the zoo, gets everything, but has no zest. Look inside the eyes of a lion in the jungle, you will see death, you won’t see life.

Because the lion in the jungle faces no challenges, he doesn’t get a chance to celebrate challenges.

Life is a celebration and every moment gives you an opportunity to tap into your inner creativity.

Your inner creativity is a way to experience the Divine. When you are tapping inside, to solve challenges, to convert them into opportunities, you experience a bit of the Divine.

Maybe just for a few moments, but that is what brings our the inner spark.

Speak to the greatest surgeons, they experience bliss, when they are performing surgery.

Speak to the greatest businesspeople, they experience bliss, when they are striking deals.

Speak to anyone who has reached the top of what they do, and they celebrate what they do.

Actors, artists, musicians, authors, scientists, engineers, builders and architects.

The greatest mothers and fathers, enjoy being with their kids. They don’t look at it as a chore, as a burden.

They enjoy the challenges, yes, sometimes their kid might get into trouble, so what? You can celebrate that process too.

Think of Krishna’s mother, Yashodha. Krishna was a very naughty child, he would always indulge in mischief and pranks.

Everyone around him used to complain about him to his mother. So what? She did what she had to, she scolded him, she tied him up, but deep down she was celebrating being his mother.

She was celebrating being given the opportunity to be a mother. To be a part of the play of life.

When you celebrate the same situation becomes light, becomes easy.

Let’s say one day God comes and tells you, “You have 10 days to live. And after that you will die.”

What will you do?

Think about it for a few moments.

I know what will happen to most people.

They will feel bad. They will feel this strange feeling in their gut. They will try to resist, try to fight, try to run or try to hide.

But if you think about it, everyone who is born is going to die. So death is certain for all.

What if you used this message as a chance to celebrate more?

Why not make the most of the 10 days you have?

Why not get rid of you fears and go on an adventure?

Maybe you wanted to create beautiful art, create beautiful poetry, travel, love, laugh, cry, not be afraid?

Why not use this as a chance to do all of that?

Death makes you celebrate life even more.

Everything is your choice. Are you going to chose to be miserable or are you going to celebrate?

Everything happening to you now, is simply based on the choices you have made in the past.

You can make new choices, new decisions and new thought processes – and watch everything change.

Yogesh Chabria