What IIT Taught Me

I recently was speaking at IIT- Bombay’s Techfest as a part of the Lecture Series. Lot’s of interesting ideas were shared, and I particularly loved the message of His Holiness The Dalai Lama on compassion and love.

Love is the secret to succeeding and living a happy life. Even in business and sales – love is the key ingredient.

If you truly love your customers and have their best interest in mind – you are bound to succeed.

I have shared the strategy of SALES (Smile & Love Everyone Sincerely) in Succeed The Happionaire Way too.

It was an incredible experience and loved the energy, passion and warmth the students shared. I thank them for the love and hospitality.

I shared, our vision for a world where people live a happier, fuller life, free from fear, guilt and hate. I shared strategies that have worked very well for me and others, on sales, business and psychology. And we had lots of interactions and laughter.

I had lots of conversations with the students and all our seminars, are not a one way communication, where only I speak, but interactions.

One thing I realized and learnt, was that everyone shares the same emotions and feelings. It doesn’t matter if you are someone working in a company, a student, the CEO or a Nobel Peace Prize winner – human emotions are the same everywhere.

We all want to feel love and be loved. We all want to be financially secure and take care of our loved ones. That’s why we want to do well in our career or business. We all have some fear or the other, which we want to overcome.

And the best way to overcome fear – is to face it boldly. Face it so that you can crush it.

After the session, quite a few people cam up and shared there challenges. And one young boy, shared how he has a fear of being ridiculed. He is hesitant to speak in public, because he feels people will make fun of him.

I asked him if he would like to face his fear? When he said yes, I told him to look at the crowd, there were hundreds of people, and told them to laugh at him. To point fingers and laugh at him and told him to boldly look at them.

At first, he felt nervous and hesitant, but gradually he felt confident. And finally, he felt bold enough to tell them, ‘I am not afraid of you.”

That’s when everybody started clapping and cheering him on. That’s how life is, we all have fears that are simply in our mind – it doesn’t matter if you went to IIT or Harvard or are a high-school drop out, once we face our fears, we become stronger and bolder. We can then succeed in every area of our life and live it with passion.

Go ahead, look at fear in the eye – and conquer it!

Yogesh Chabria