Unleashing The Power of Love

Love has immense power. And in today's world so many people have blocked out this power. They lead a life devoid of love. And this state leads to lots of stress, anxiety, anger, hate, conflict and disease.

Love creates life. Love creates vitality. Love creates health. Love creates joy. The entire existence is an act of love.

Your entire existence is the result of love. Love leads to creativity, health, happiness and joy.

Love at the workplace has so much power too. Imagine if you became a lot more loving of your work. How different would be the quality of your experience?

How different would be the result?

What if you became more loving to everyone around you? How enriching would your conversations be? How enriching would your behavior be? How would your family be, if you were loving to all? What if you are in a leadership position? How would it be if you were more loving to your people?

And everyone has the natural ability to love. Love isn't something that needs to be taught, because it is already there within you.

Look at a child and you will realize how the child naturally loves his mother. The child doesn't need to be taught to love his mother. You too were a child at one time, that means deep within you the ability to love already exists.

What has happened is people have clouded their inner selves with the external. The external stops them from tapping in deeper within.

Think of the last time you did something with true love in your heart. It could be anything. It could be taking on a new project, baking a cake, inventing something new or going on a holiday.

The moment you do it with love and devotion, the entire experience changes. In fact you can bring this energy into all areas of your life. The more you bring it into all areas, the more transformative your life becomes.

For instance let us say you need to wash your dirty dishes. Now the moment you look at your dishes lovingly, you look at the water and soap lovingly, and start washing the dishes. The washing of dishes becomes a beautifully loving and meditative experience.

Just the act of letting the water flow, watching the soap clean away the grease and grime. Once you become grateful to the water, the soap, the dishes and to yourself, you have a wonderful experience.

So instead of complaining or trying to avoid washing dishes, now you love the experience. It is filled with joy.

This can be done to every area of your life.

This coming Sunday, I'm having a live event online of Unleashing The Power of Love. We will be having an interactive session with a meditation that will help you tap into your inner loving self.

Go ahead and register on it on Insight Timer - sharing the link here.

Take care and see you soon!

Have a loving life ahead!

Yogesh Chabria