The Four Letter "F" Word Is Dangerous

The four letter "F" word has become so common these days.


I see it everywhere. In offices, in colleges, in schools, in relationships.


If I had it my way, I would ban this four letter word. I never liked it.


Because once it takes hold it takes control of your life.


And stops you from truly living and being happy.


Yes some of you might know what I am talking about.


It's "FEAR".


99% of it is just imagination.


When you were kids, you used to be afraid of the dark because you thought there is a ghost or a monster luring in the darkness.


That monster was just your imagination.


Today as adults, that imaginary monster has been replaced by other monsters.


Am I good enough at work?


Will my business survive?


Am I loved?


Will I survive?


Will I make it through this?


Let me tell you, crush that "F" word out of your system.


And instead of letting it control you, ask a different question.


How can I become the best at what I do?


How can I make my business scale up? How can I impact more lives?


How can I become more loving?


How can I become healthier and stronger?


When you do that, you will watch everything change.


Yogesh Chabria


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