Real Coaching Is About Caring

Over the years I have got the privilege and opportunity to coach and mentor some of the highest performers from various fields all over the world.

From CEOs to second generation entrepreneurs to scientists, innovators, professionals and founders.

Coaching is both an art and science. And usually since this is a one-on-one experience, I am very selective about who I work with.

Usually, I have a tendency to discourage people from engaging me as a coach. I encourage them to read my books or listen to my programs or attend our group sessions. For two reasons, the first one being, I want to help more people.

Coaching on an individual basis, can help only a handful of people as I have limited time. If they come in for a group session or listen to a program or video, and it helps them, it's amazing. And we can reach million that way.

But let us say, they want more, then I want them to be fully committed. And the second being, I want to help only those who are truly serious about what they want and I like to work with people only who I enjoy working with.

It's my time and my life, and I am very very selective about who I spend it with. Today I have the freedom and luxury to do that.

This is how I filter out most people and the ones who are able to enter my coaching program are usually the ones who are ready and receptive to learn, grow and change. They are ready to let go of their inner resistance and conflicts.

The first step is for them to be receptive to learn and grow - if they aren't, nothing will work and to be ready to change.

Post that I tell them to commit to a time duration of anywhere from six months to a year. Because for something to become an integral part of you, you need to bring in a regular practice.

So I might be having just one call a month with someone or maybe three of four calls a month, but those calls are where things start moving.

And deep down, everyone has potential, they many times already know what needs to be done, they are just looking for someone on the outside to give them the support.

Think of it this way.

When you were a kid and you got a new bike.

Maybe your father or mother gifted you one, or maybe your grandparents gifted it to you or maybe you saved up money and bought one for yourself. But in the beginning they came with those side trainer wheels and someone held your back.

Someone cheered you on and told you to keep going. They ran with you as you cycled.

Even when you fell and bruised yourself, someone came to help you up.

Someone who truly cared for you. That's how I look at not just coaching, but leadership in general.

If you truly care for people, if you truly want to help them, you will. A desire to truly care is more powerful than anything else.

Start caring more. And you will see amazing results in every area of your life.

Yogesh Chabria



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