Nothing Is Forbidden

Tell a small child, “Don’t touch that – it’s glass.” What do you think will happen?

The child is immediately tempted to touch. You too would have done the same thing when you were a child. You could ask your parents if you don’t remember.

What is restricted or banned, suddenly becomes more attractive.

Any society that restricts people and puts restrictions on people leads to decay. Look around the world and you will see this fact.

Societies that tell people – “Don’t drink alcohol.” End up having the most alcoholics. Many people die because of drinking bootlegged alcohol.

Which countries have the most alcoholics?

It isn’t the French, who drink a glass or two of wine every day, but places where alcohol is not available. Whenever people from such places get a chance to drink, they drink without any limits.

It is like a camel who has not seen water, whenever a camel sees water, it starts drinks as much as it can. You and me who have water available freely, will drink only that much we need to quench our thirst.

This applies to all areas of life.

“Don’t read this book or don’t watch that movie.” – and suddenly everybody wants to read that book or watch that particular movie.

In school, we were weren’t allowed to read comics, that’s why all of us students would smuggle in comics. Had there been no ban, none of us would have smuggled in comics. 

Societies that tell young boys, “Don’t speak to girls.” Or that tell girls “Don’t interact with boys.” - and suddenly speaking to the opposite sex becomes even more desirable. The places with sexual repression end up having the most sexual crimes.

Instead guys and girls should be left to interact freely. Their natural desires of exploration are not bad or evil.

The forbidden fruit is always more desirable. The things that are restricted and banned start having more appeal.

Instead, people should be encouraged to do everything and also let them experience what
happens when they do something.

So instead of telling a child, “Don’t touch that pan, it is hot.” You should tell them, “Go ahead, try touching the hot pan. You are free to do it and free to feel the pain. You are free to cry and scream in pain.”

Once you do that, the child won’t touch the hot pan. Even if the child was to touch the hot pan, he would always remember the pain. That will make him realize that every time he touches a hot pain he will feel pain.

The attraction of touching a hot pan immediately goes away.

Once nothing is forbidden, people automatically take responsibility. They become aware of the effect something will have on them. They will have self-realization. Their mind is free to go towards higher things.

Once you have tried everything in the world, you will realize true bliss doesn’t come from any of these things. You are still looking and searching for something higher.

But till you haven’t tried everything, till you haven’t experienced everything, you won’t realize your higher self.

Maslov spoke about this. Since thousands of years this had been known to us in the East. The chakras, start with the root, the base chakras and move up higher. The root chakras are our base needs, and then move higher and higher.

Maslov simply shared about our chakras.

The principle of keeping everything free, can be applied to everything. If you are organization, give freedom to your people. Let them chose what they want to do. Let them chose how many holidays they want. Let them decide what they want to wear. Let them decide how they want to pitch to clients.

This will unleash their creativity and get incredible results.

You simply need to tell them, “This is what we want to get done. We want to reach Mars or we want to create a new software or we want to create incredible music. Figure out a way.”

And you people will eventually reach Mars, create amazing software and create musical
masterpieces. People have an inner intelligence that guides them to greatness.

Forbidding people is like putting a wild tiger in chains. The tiger will rebel and constantly try to escape from the chains. Even if you give the tiger in chains regular food and water, it won’t be how a tiger is meant to be.

Instead let the tiger be free, and the tiger will be magnificent. Enjoying the beautiful jungle,
enjoying even the struggles that come with hunting and searching for food and water.

That is what humanity should be. Free in every way. Free to think, free to act and free to be.


Yogesh Chabria