Let's Set Up A Nature Retreat Together

I have been fascinated by nature ever since  a very young age.

I have learnt a lot from nature and most of my writing, work and creative energy comes from nature.

I want to set up a nature retreat near Mumbai.  I want this to be a non-commercial project.

A place where anyone can come to recharge, learn, grow food, experiment with alternate sources of energy and live in full harmony.

If you are someone who wants to help set this this up, please come forward.

We need all the help – right from legal experts, to people who are aware of land to people who want to donate and raise funds to people with expertise in agriculture, environment, management or anything else.

Once we set this up near Mumbai, we can replicate this elsewhere around the world.

Specially around large cities. Where people can come, to laugh, dance, sing and connect with themselves.

So if you are interested simply write to info@happionaire.com and tell me how you would like to contribute.

See you soon!

Yogesh Chabria