Learning + Implementation = Earning

Most people have gone to school and college where instead of falling in love with learning, they ended up hating learning.

They associated learning with pain. With teachers punishing them and books that were boring.

That's why so many people ended up selling or getting rid of their books they day their school year or college year got over.

And this is a major problem. Because if you aren't open to learning all the time, you won't be able to succeed.

Learning and implementing what you learn is the secret to success, wealth and earning more.

I myself was able to change my life, by having a constant desire to learn things that were relevant to me and immediately put it in practice.

So it doesn't matter whether you work for a company, a startup, are a freelancer or own a business - if you stop learning - you stagnate.

And someone who stagnates dies. Life is about constantly being open to new ideas, to accept that you don't know everything.

The moment you believe you know everything, realize, it's the end of growth.

Because what is there to look forward to? Why do anything else? What is there to be excited about?

Since there is nothing more to know, why not use that time to binge watch some series? Or browse through social media? Or watch unending noise on news?

On the other hand, if you are hungry to learn and grow every moment, every cell in your body will come alive.

Every moment is a new one. Every new discovery is fascinating. It is an adventure.

Remember the time you were a kid and went to the park? Weren't you curious about every thing?

You probably asked your mother or father a million questions.

They probably got frustrated by your questions.

Where did that curiosity disappear?

Once you tap into that inner curiosity, your inner child comes out.

And that inner child can do wonders.

Don't kill your inner desire to learn and grow. And start having habits that support constant learning.

Reading books regularly. Attending programs. Listening to audio books. Having mentors.

Reaching out to people who have done well in certain areas.

These simple habits will change everything for you.

Keep learning and keep growing!

Lots of love, warmth and smiles,

Yogesh Chabria