Is There Place For Love At Work?

The MD of a large automobile company recently asked me, "Yogesh, what is one quality I should encourage in my teams?"


I told him, "Love."


"Love is only for the bedroom," he replied jokingly.


"You are thinking about lust and not love," I told him.


Love is something that can transform organizations and the way people work.


Most people don't have enough love in their life. They do things just because they have been 'ordered' to do it or because it pays their bills.


But imagine what will happen if you truly loved what you did?


How would things change if you truly loved people around you?


You loved your co-workers, your employees, your customers, your investors, your suppliers - everyone.


Things would change for you.


If you start caring for your people, you start loving them, they will reciprocate.


I tell this to all the MDs, CEOs and owners of companies.


Start loving your people, take care of them, support them, guide them, encourage them to learn and grow.


You will see the results once you do that.


Most places today have a toxic work culture, because people don't understand the power of love.


Business schools and management graduates are scared of using words like 'love' in business.


But that's what has helped me and so many organisations really scale up fast.


Start by loving yourself. Then that love will transpire to others around you.


Yogesh Chabria