Is Being Miserable Normal?

People have been brainwashed into thinking that being miserable is normal.

They are programmed to think that being happy, being blissful is not normal.

It is something they should be guilty about. But think about it – bliss is our natural state.

Look at a child, think about the time you were a child.

You felt happy when you saw a flower or insect or butterfly.

You didn’t need much to feel joy.

A child laughs, and dances and jumps and sings.

But they are told, and programmed by everyone around –

“Grow up! Life is tough! You can’t keep playing! You can't keep laughing! You need to work!”

People are made to feel guilt about being happy.

Life is tough only if you think it is tough.

Yes, you may fall down, but so what?

It’s all a game.

In fact you can work better when you are in a state of bliss internally.

You can be more productive when you are at peace internally.

It’s all maya. (The western world might use the world illusion, but it isn't illusion. I will share about it some other time.)

And maya can be beautiful or terrible, based on your actions and perceptions.

For instance, people abuse me. With social media, it is very easy to do that. They insult me. They call me names.

But so, what? I don’t accept it. It doesn’t matter.

Some people praise me, so what? It doesn’t effect me either. It doesn’t cause me to get too elated.

No matter what people tell you on the inside, realize your are bliss.

Experience your inner bliss and you will feel eternal joy.

And the next time you look at a flower or the sun or a bird, remember how much joy you experience when you were a young child.

You have it within you, you just need to reconnect.

Yogesh Chabria