India's Moon Mission Teaches Humanity A Great Lesson

Yesterday billions of people all over the world celebrated India’s landing on the south side of moon. India became the first country to land on the south side of moon. India was also the first country to discover water on moon. And this is such a beautiful thing, because it shows the power of having a larger vision.

When India’s space program started, ISRO (India’s Space Research Organization), India didn’t have enough money. They used cycles to transport rockets. And even today, India’s space mission is the cheapest in the world. It costs Hollywood more to make a movie about going to the moon than to actually go to Moon for India. The art of being frugal has entered the DNA of India’s space program.

Not just that, the earlier rover India has sent had crashed. But even though that one crashed the scientist didn’t give up, they learnt from their mistakes and made a better rover. In fact the earlier crash was a boon in disguise, it taught them what all could go wrong.

I believe India’s landing on the moon isn’t just a celebration for India, but every human being on earth. Because it shows you the power of having a vision, it shows you the power of the human mind, it shows you how to not give up even when you make mistakes, it shows you that even though your resources might be limited, your vision doesn’t have to be limited.

You can be creative and ambitious about exploring the vast Universe. It also shows you the power of prayer and how science and spirituality co-exist. They aren’t mutually exclusive. While I was watching the landing of the rover on the moon, I saw how all of them were praying from their hearts. Prayer has immense power.

Even before the launch they were all praying. Praying has so much power, specially if you do it from your deepest core.

And it doesn’t matter, what religion you practice, as long as you pray with devotion and love.

Just because you are a scientist, doesn’t mean you can’t pray. And just because you pray, doesn’t mean you can’t be an excellent scientist. In fact the more you pray, the more you open yourself to tap into a Higher Force and a Higher Creative Intelligence that ensures possibility.

I remember, when India first announced it wants to send missions to space, moon and Mars. The western media made fun of it. In fact the New York Times even had a cartoon making fun of India’s vision. But all of that did not deter India from moving ahead, from persisting and from doing what they had set their vision.

Be bold. Be brave and don’t listen to people who tell you – “You can’t do it!” Nobody knows what you can or can’t do. Only you do. So you might as well bet on yourself and go all in. The worst that will happen is you will fail, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try again. In fact every failure you experience is simply a message for you give it another shot.

Chandrayaan 3 isn’t just India’s success story. It is the success story of the entire human race.

Also while looking at the visuals of moon, it makes you value earth so much. The ability to have an eco-system that supports human life is a gift.

Everyone needs to start respecting Mother Earth – Bhumi Mata or Gaia. She is beautiful, but also fierce. Everything you know can disappear in a few moments if you don’t respect nature. Look at recent times, earthquakes, floods, wild fires, volcanoes, tsunamis, have shown how nature will always be more powerful and man needs to respect it is an integral part of nature.  

Start respecting her, if not you will be wiped out.

God bless you and keep doing good! And may the moon shine brightly on you always!

Yogesh Chabria



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