I Want You To Fail More

I want more people to fail - because by failing you succeed.

I have always believed that most people fail - because they were never taught about the beauty of failure.

Schools and colleges, don't encourage learning by trial and error. They don't encourage people to think for themselves and they instill a fear of failure.

If you are afraid of failure. You won't do anything in life. Failure and success are two sides of the same coin.

Imagine I ask you for a coin, with only one side. You will call me crazy. Every coin has two sides.

In the same way, success and failure have to exist together. The faster you fail, the more your chances of success increase.

I have failed so many times. I still keep failing. But instead of using the word failure, I use the word 'research', 'adventure' and 'journey'.

When you go on an adventure, you are bound to make mistakes. Not every path will be the right one, but as you keep moving ahead, changing your path, you will discover a new path.

No matter, whether you start a business, become the leader of a company or nation, or start a new job - accept that failures will come. But don't be afraid of them.

You can minimize failure with the help of knowledge, friends who have been there before, and mentors. But don't be afraid - because fear is what holds people back.

Look at your own life. How did you reach here? How can you read what I have written?

You can read it, only because you failed a lot in the beginning. When you were smaller you struggled. You didn't know the difference between "A" and "a" - and you kept trying and trying and trying - till you finally got it.

Now you can read and type fast.

Everything in life is a result of failure. I am a result of my failures. My rejections and hardships.

So are you. Don't let anyone stop you from trying and failing. Don't listen to the noises that will make fun of you, insult you and hurl abuses when you fall.

Because only those who are ready to fall, are ready to rise higher.

We all have one life. Which is now. On the last day of your life, don't regret anything. Don't let an older version of yourself tell you "If only, I had done that...."

It's a terrible feeling. Let go of all bondage, let go of all ego - and plunge in. Accept you are nothing in this vast Universe and still are everything because you are connected to it.

Go ahead and enjoy the fruits of failure!