Ego Stops Freedom

Let go of your ego, to be truly free. 

To experience true bliss, you need to let go of your ego. The ego holds you back. It stops you from experiencing your true state. 

Whenever someone comes to learn to us, the first thing we require them to do is let go of their ego. Till they don’t let go of their ego, they are not ready to learn and grow. They are not accepted into our advanced programs. 

The first step is always to let go of the ego. The greatest forces in the Universe have absolutely no ego.

A few people become egoistic just by becoming a mere President, CEO, movie star or billionaire, and suddenly their ego comes up. This ego goes to their head, it leads to arrogance and eventually ends up destroying them in every way.

If you feel your ego taking over, simply look at the sky. Look at the sun, the sun gives so much. It gives us food, it gives us heat, it nourishes the earth, and yet the sun has no ego. Have you ever heard the sun tell you, “You should thank me today, because I am giving you life.” 

No force in the nature does it. The ocean doesn’t have an ego, the moon doesn’t have an ego, trees have no ego. Ever heard an apple tree boasting because it gives all of us so many delicious apples? 

Because nature knows that ego blinds and destroys. 

The first thing the ego does it blind the mind. Someone with an ego will never grow and learn. Ego kills love, compassion and breeds jealousy and hate.

Ego breeds fear, someone without an ego has nothing to fear. And ego builds a false identity. 

People with a big ego in fact are the ones with the largest inferiority complex. The ego comes from exterior things. 

Ego restricts the ability to be free. It puts you in chains. As soon as you tell yourself, “I will only travel in a Mercedes Benz and no other car,” you are becoming a slave to the car.

Instead if you say, “I will travel in whatever way I want to at the moment. If there is a Mercedes Benz, I will enjoy it. But maybe, there is a Rolls Royce or a train or a boat, why should I become a slave to anything? My objective is to travel, not be attached to anything else.”

You will feel free. And this freedom is beautiful. 

And realize, whatever is there today will be gone tomorrow. Show me one President or Prime Minister who has always been there. Show me one ruler or leader or CEO who has always been there. Show me one movie star who has always been there.

Nobody is there.

And when people with a big ego, lose that external position. They become depressed, they become very sad because suddenly everything they thought was their identity is lost. 

Now what should they do? They feel empty. 

But if you realize, that even if you aren’t there, everything will continue to function. The bees will pollinate flowers, the sun will shine, trees will bear fruit, the oceans and rivers will continue being there, the birds will fly,  you will realize that ego is meaningless. 

Everything will be functioning perfectly well in harmony, even if you are not there. Even before you were born, things were working and even now they will work. 

When you have that realization, you will feel beautiful and free. You will feel light. You will realize the world doesn’t depend on you. You are a traveller and you can enjoy your journey.

You can learn, you can play, you can do everything in a much better manner. You are no longer carrying the weight of your ego.

You will suddenly stop fearing anything. You don’t fear rejection, because you have no ego. You don’t care what people think of you, because you are free.

Even if someone abuses the sun, do you think the sun cares? 

Once you are free from you ego, you will start shining brighter. You will shine simply because the veil of the ego has disappeared. Your work, personal life, health, peace of mind, everything will become infinitely better. 

People will be attracted to you, because they will feel your warmth and love. But you won’t care or feel any joy from their praise. It won’t affect you.

The sun shines, but does it become happy if you praise it? It doesn’t care. 

Once you stop caring, you become free. 

Enjoy the gift of being completely free, completely egoless. 


Yogesh Chabria

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