Act Or Regret

Yogesh Chabria TEDx Bestselling Author

Most people suffer in life because they are hesitant to act. They are good people, honest people and yet their life is miserable because of this.

When I was in college, I remember I was hungry to learn and grow. One way I would do it was constantly invest in going to seminars and programs where I could learn from people who were leaders in their field.

These days it is so easy, in those days we had to physically travel and it cost a lot more than today.

I remember, once I invested in a two day seminar where I met Rakesh Jhunjhunwala for the first time. I liked the fact that he started investing with barely Rs. 5000 and converted it into several billion dollars.

I met and learnt from him and later on he also went on to highly recommend my first book in The Happionaire Way series to everybody.

I had shared about this seminar with many of my college friends, but most of them told me how it was too expensive for them. They would rather buy a cell phone or bike with that money. They told me how, "They can't afford it." They even tried to discourage me from going as it was a waste of money.

Luckily I do what I want to without paying attention to what people around me are doing. Most people around you aren't wealthy, they aren't healthy, they aren't happy, they aren't doing what they are truly meant to - so why should you follow them?

I didn't even have the money, but instead of saying, "I can't afford it." I asked a different question, I asked myself, "How can I afford it and go to the seminar?"

Telling yourself you can't afford it, or you don't have the time is what I call a "Black Hole Statement" it sucks the light and light out of you. Most people are stuck with these constantly.

A "Black Hole Statement" programs your life for darkness.

On the other hand replace it with "Illuminating Questions" - such as "How can I do it?" or "How can I make it happen?" or "How can I make time for this? or "How can I afford it?"

This led to me work on my ability to sell and make that money to go to that seminar. Some of you might already be aware of what I did if you saw my TEDx Talk.

Today so many years later when I look at those same friends, they are struggling. They are stuck in jobs they don't love, they have EMIs and that's why have no freedom, they don't have time to spend with their family, they don't even have time to take care of their own health and are constantly frustrated and exhausted.

And even today when I tell them, it isn't too late, you can start investing in yourself, you can start learning and growing, you can change your life, they are not ready or open to listen.

When I tell them about the system I invented that can help them change their life, The Happionaire Way, they are not ready to listen.

They have seen what it has done for me and countless people all over the world who have made it a part of their daily life, and yet they are not ready. They still don't believe me, but it isn't me they don't believe. They don't believe in themselves.

They have lost all hope and faith in themselves. That is why it is very important to invest in your learning and growth. And never lose hope and faith in yourself. Once that happens, your life is over.

Even today I constantly invest in reaching out to the best people. For instance, I went to Dharamshala to learn more from His Holiness The Dalai Lama on his thoughts, ideas and experiences on life and happiness.

I learnt more about compassion, happiness and the power we have to change lives within us.

Yogesh Chabria with His Holiness Dalai Lama

I make these opportunities for myself because I love learning and growing. I prefer acting instead of regretting.

I would like to learn about investing from Rakesh ji, but maybe not about being healthy and fit. For that I will reach out to someone else who has mastery in that domain. This way I can learn faster based on their experience of twenty, thirty or even fifty years in that domain.

People feel jealous instead of feeling inspired. Jealousy will pull you down, replace it with inspiration. Replace it with a desire to learn and act.

And I am willing to do everything it takes to learn and grow. I am willing to invest my time, money, effort, passion and take action without fear.

Think about it, five or ten years from today, how would your life be? Would you rather take action today or would you live in regret and fear?

That money which I invested in going to the seminar, means very little to me today. It started a cycle of growth. But what it did for me can't be quantified in terms of money. It is priceless.

So what are you going to to do today in your life to truly change it?

I hope you take action and realize you have a lot more potential and can truly do everything you decide to.

Lots of love and warmth,

Yogesh Chabria