What Ranveer Singh Taught Me At One Of My Seminars

Recently I was speaking at Rupa’s 50 Year Celebration conference. In addition to the Chairman, MD and Board of Directors, there were over 850 dealers who drive the business and reach out to hundreds of thousands of retailers.

These dealers ensure, Rupa continues to have a dominant position and sell lots of knitwear, vests and undergarments. They also have now brands like Fruit of the Loom (Which has backing from one of my favorite people – Warren Buffett) and FCUK for the Indian market.

I had an amazing time, interacting with everyone and we had lots of fun, laughter and interactions. I always love people who are entrepreneurial in nature – and these guys were all super entrepreneurial.

I shared some of my most powerful strategies, tools and secrets to help them really grow their sales, business while leading a happier and fuller life. (Check out some of my ideas on Sales and Happiness here and also our latest online program on sales – Happionaire’s Sales Secrets.)

After my session, we had Ranveer Singh’s performance and all the dealers were super excited. They had come from different parts of India and told me, how they would love to have a selfie with him.

The best part was, Ranveer not only performed well with tons of energy, he also stayed on stage for over three hours and took a selfie with each one of the dealers individually.

He was super humble and everyone loved him and all went back super excited. They would surely be sharing the experience with their friends and family and this creates a positive brand association for Rupa.

It’s interesting to see the importance of investing in a good brand ambassador. Because of Ranveer, many of the dealers have a special association with brand Rupa and continue to stay loyal to it.

Ranveer Singh - Yogesh Chabria RUPA Seminar

What Ranveer, teaches me (and all of us) is the power of humility. When a brand pays him – he is giving them immense value by being humble and helping them connect with their dealers and target clientele.

Stay humble and grounded, and work with passion and single minded focus.

Ask yourself, how humble are you with everyone around you?

The best people I meet, from all fields are always humble and eager to learn and grow.

Yogesh Chabria



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