Empower Your Organization With The Happionaire Principles and Strategies To Success! 

"When I connected with Yogesh, I knew he was the perfect fit.

He looks at money as just another cornerstone of life, something that must be viewed and approached as a whole and as a means to an end.

He was able to communicate these messages keeping it simple and engaging, inspiring young professionals to take ownership of money, in the context of relationships, health, career aspirations and more.

Working with him opened my own mind as an editor and I look forward to the experience again."

Merril Diniz,

Editor, Content Strategist and Writer

CNBC-TV18 Moneycontrol

​New Delhi, India 


Program Formats 


·        The Secret Teachings of The Goddess of Wealth and The Goddess of Knowledge 

·        How To Maximizeand Increase Your Productivity By 10 Times and Unleash Your Potential

·        How To Sell For Success: Enter The Buyer’s Mind To Sell Much More In Any Market and Win Over Competition

·        Financial Wellbeing: Learn How To Be Financially Healthy and Generate Passive Income Through Real Estate           and Other Financial Instruments
·         How To Unleash The Power Of Happiness In Your Life and Organization

·         How To Form Daily Success Habits

·         How To Take The Right Decision and Immediate Action 

·         And Much More!

As a part of Succeed The Happionaire® Way program, you will experience what Yogesh himself, and countless people all over the world have used to upgrade their lives to the highest level and welcome success in every sphere.   


Exclusive Column - Yogesh Chabria - Entrepreneur Magazine - Happionaire & Worlds Best Motivational Speaker in India

With The Proven and Much-Loved Happionaire Principles and Strategies To Success, You Will Learn:

Yogesh Chabria has a powerful message of success filled with happiness for your audience in his trademark fun, entertaining and interactive style that will make your entire organization move in the fast lane personally, professionally and financially! 

Yogesh Chabria People Matters HR World's Best Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author
The Happionaire Way Yogesh Chabria World's Best Motivational Speaker India Bestselling Author


This entertaining, enlightening and engaging program will make everyone at your conference motivated, energized and excited with fresh ideas and perspectives.  Yogesh Chabria is an expert at using stories, anecdotes, humor and interactivity to ensure everyone has a memorable experience.

Yogesh Chabria blends valuable life and success skills with his witty humor, stories and real world experiences. Participants are encouraged to take part in various group activities that empower and motivate teams with high energy and at the same time entertain and enlighten them. Breakthrough results and increased communication, in addition to immense personal growth and self-awareness, are some of the best take aways from The Happionaire® Seminars.

Training Programs

This is ideal for groups that want a holistic experience where they spend quality time with Yogesh Chabria and get to experience the complete Happionaire® Lifestyle. In addition to learning, there is immense focus on ensuring everyone is relaxing, laughing, enjoying and making necessary changes to rejuvenate and be charged up to take things head on. As a part of this holistic program, Yogesh also brings along with him wellness experts who incorporate simple practices that can be done by everyone for increased performance. 


Succeed The Happionaire® Way - Training and Events

Exclusive Column On

"He has the theoretical knowledge needed for investing, he has experience in investing, being an investor himself and he has the ability to communicate to a young, investor audience with his unique story-telling style of writing.

You can sit with Yogesh for hours talking, listening to stories and at the end of it you would have learnt about investing without realizing it.

With his entrepreneurial spirit and positive attitude, he is always a joy to work with"

Deepa Venkatraghvan,

Global Mobility Services 

New York, USA 


To further the value and impact of your program, signed copies of The Bestselling Happionaire® Series can be customized with company logos and inspirational messages as giveaways. Long term programs can also be customized as per your goals and needs.

Our team will be happy to hear from you and understand your needs. We look forward to hearing from you and ensuring the best results and maximum return on investment for your organization.

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Update: Due to a large number of existing clients, dates are subject to availability. 




Succeed The Happionaire® Way Program Preview

People all over the world – right from multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 companies, Mutual Funds, Financial and Insurance Companies, Healthcare, Pharma and Wellness majors, High Technology and IT Giants, to Direct Sales, Real Estate, Consulting leaders, FMCG, Automobile Industry, fast growing Startups and Prestigious Universities, have all benefited immensely and made the Happionaire Way a part of their must-experience list!

Yogesh loves to first listen, and once he listens, he can tune into what your organization really needs to accelerate personal, professional and business goals and achievement with the use of detailed plans, strategies and real world experiences. His solutions have been implemented globally and are bringing about immense positive change and adding incredible value.

As an investor and entrepreneur himself, he realizes the importance of giving maximum value and maximum return on investment for long term growth and success with The Happionaire® Way

His bestselling programs are on Sales Mastery, Leadership, Motivation, Inspiration, Team Building and Happiness Mastery! 

"Meeting Yogesh instantly creates a positive energy rhythm cycle in the mind and body.

When you harness this energy it really makes you hopeful and joyful to achieve the dream you have in mind.

He is also excellent in coaching and guiding new writers with a value based concept that ultimately is unique to you alone.

His passion is contagious and I believe meeting him has certainly put me on a path that will prove fruitful with time. Three cheers to a great mentor!" 

Anu Vittal,

CEO, AVL Consulting, 

Entrepreneur and  Artist 

​Toronto, Canada