The Happionaire Way Yogesh Chabria World's Best Motivational Speaker India Bestselling Author

"Meeting Yogesh instantly creates a positive energy rhythm cycle in the mind and body. 

When you harness this energy it really makes you hopeful and joyful to achieve the dream you have in mind. 

He is also excellent in coaching and guiding with a value based concept that ultimately is unique to you alone. 

His passion is contagious and I believe meeting him has certainly put me on a path that will prove fruitful with time. Three cheers to a great mentor!"

Anu Vittal,
CEO, AVL Consulting, 
Entrepreneur and  Artist 
​Toronto, Canada 


"I had the opportunity to personally work with Yogesh on one of his shoots.

What amazed me was his unique perspective and understanding of life and wealth.

Most people foresee wealth as materialistic goal to aim in life. He sees wealth as learning. More the person learns in his life, more the wealth he generates.

His Happionaire Blog explains in the most simplest manner about wealth and riches of life.

Will look forward to work with him again"

Nishant Rana,

Co-founder and Director, Boom Man Studios,

Mumbai, India 

"He has the theoretical knowledge needed for investing, he has experience in investing, being an investor himself and he has the ability to communicate to a young, investor audience with his unique story-telling style of writing. 

You can sit with Yogesh for hours talking, listening to stories and at the end of it you would have learnt about investing without realizing it. 

With his entrepreneurial spirit and positive attitude, he is always a joy to work with."

Deepa Venkatraghvan,
Global Mobility Services 
New York, USA 

"When I connected with Yogesh, I knew he was the perfect fit. 

He looks at money as just another cornerstone of life, something that must be viewed and approached as a whole and as a means to an end. 

He was able to communicate these messages keeping it simple and engaging, inspiring young professionals to take ownership of money, in the context of relationships, health, career aspirations and more. 

Working with him opened my own mind as an editor and I look forward to the experience again."

Merril Diniz,
Editor, Content Strategist and Writer 
CNBC-TV18 Moneycontrol
​New Delhi, India