Yogesh Chabria’s signature programs have impacted people and communities from all walks of life – from the largest Fortune 500 companies to small and medium sized companies headed to be future giants to individuals wanting to take control of their life.

Yogesh Chabria’s 4Es™ Strategy

The core principles of our programs, whether it is a 45 – 90 minute session or a 3-5 day intensive retreat is to ensure maximum results and inspire people to take action.

Our 4Es™ Strategy ensures that results are achieved – whether it is to increase sales, take Leadership to the next level or ensure happiness and team engagement levels are massively increased.


Yogesh Chabria is the master of interactive and engaging experiences. Whether his program has only 100 people or over 5,000 people – every participant has felt a one-to-one connect and been engaged to the maximum.


Yogesh Chabria believes that first people need to be entertained and engaged before educating them. That’s why our programs make use of methods like music, games, laughter and body movement to guarantee an unforgettable experience that is entertaining and fun.


Research has shown that 93% of people feel more empowered and ready to take massive action to achieve their goals and targets after having experienced Yogesh Chabria.

Every Yogesh Chabria experience has been designed to ensure people are empowered to achieve their inner potential which is truly limitless.


Yogesh Chabria believes everyone has infinite knowledge within and the more questions we ask, the more answers we get. Creative thinking and an open sky approach to life and work is inculcated to ensure people discover their own answers based on their own experiences.

Some of our Signature Programs Are:

  • Succeed The Happionaire® Way
  • Happionaire® Leadership
  • Why Not To Sell A Comb To A Bald Man™-The Ultimate Sales Program
  • Why HR Needs HR™

How are you going to benefit from our programs?

“Each one of us has infinite potential within us and you can achieve anything you desire.
Come unleash this potential!”

Yogesh Chabria