What People Are Saying:

"I attended Happionaire's Sales and Business Mastery and was not exposed just to new ideas and strategies, but was really able to implement and take action on what I learnt. I was able to increase my sales by over 50% in less than a month."

-Mahesh Bhatia 

"I didn't just increase my sales and earnings. I also was able to increase my influence when it comes to my relationships at home and with loved ones."

-Mehul Shah

"I was quite skeptical at first as I have attended lots of seminars and didn't think this would be any different. However, I decided to try it because of the money back guarantee. I experienced the difference because Yogesh Chabria doesn't just speak, he re-programmed my mind to really master sales and take action. I have increased my sales by three times in two months!"

-Radhika  Rane

"HSB Mastery really helped me grow my sales and influence skills, and surprisingly also helped me take care of my health and lose 7 kgs in three months. This was because of the focus on health and being in a high energy state in order to make a sale."

-  Suresh Singh Rathore 

"I'm not in sales. I'm an engineer, but after watching Yogesh's videos and reading his articles. I decided to enroll for this program. I was surprised at the power of sales and influence. After the program, I implemented what I learnt and got a promotion and a 25% raise in salary. I have now recommended this program to all my friends."

- Neha Shetty

During the one day Happionaire's Sales and Business Program you will experience:

Powerful Influence and Sales Strategies That Can Be Immediately Implemented Right Now

Energy Usage For Communication and Influencing States of Mind

How To Break Patterns and Crush Fear For Sales and Business Multiplication 

How To Challenge Yourself To Increase Your Sales By Over 100 Times

Learn How Yogesh Chabria Implemented Sales and Business Mastery For Massive Success

How To Get The Best Price For What You Sell and Dominating Over Competition 

The Importance of High Energy Foods and Biological Strategies To Increase Sales and Business 

Mastering The Psychology of Sales and The Human Mind

​Real World Examples Of How Sales Changed Lives and Fortunes

and much more!

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​Do you want to increase your sales exponentially and achieve your goals? If Yes, apply now.

MUMBAI - 3rd June 2017  -  (More cities coming soon!)

9 am till 5:30 pm 

Location will be shared shortly

To apply and for any queries feel free to email us on info@happionaire.com

*100 Times The Value Money Back Guarantee Valid For A Year - If you don't get 100 times the value of what you invest in our programs - you can get your entire money back anytime within a year!

"Yogesh Chabria is a world-renowned leader in the field of human potential. He is a #1 bestselling author, entrepreneur and founder of The Happionaire Way. His seminars, books, articles and video programs have influenced people from over 100 countries. It is his vision to have a world filled with happionaires." 


"Yogesh Chabria has worked with organizations worldwide to help them accelerate sales and profits, multiplying efficiency and bringing in a culture of happiness through detailed strategies and training programs that influence the mind." 

"Happionaire's Sales and Business Mastery - The Ultimate Sales and Business program is here to change lives. Be a part of this revolution!"

-Yogesh Chabria

Happionaire's sales & business mastery

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